Selected Faculty and Graduate Assistant Profiles


R. L. Chamberlain, MD 
Location/Appointment: Vice-President of FSRG; and Reader, Department of Applied Physiology, FSRG deGruyter-McKusick Institute of Health Sciences; Buckhannon, WV, USA
Clinical interests: general psychiatry, sports medicine, ob/gyn
Military Service: U.S. Navy Medical Officer, 
Training: Family Practice, U.S. Navy; University of Marylan
Medical School: Medical Doctor (MD), Medical School of West Virginia University and Medical College of Virginia, 1942-1945
College: Bachelor of Science (BS), West Virginia Wesleyan College (Major: biology/chem; Minor: German), 
Languages: English (first), German (basic)

R. J. McCormick, DEd, MS

Location/Appointment: President of FSRG; Physiologist-in-Chief; and Professor, Department of Applied Physiology, FSRG deGruyter-McKusick Institute of Health Sciences; Buckhannon, WV, USA
Clinical interests: stress p
hysiology and psychophysiology related to changes in cardiopulmonary, myology, neurology, and endocrinology 
Training: Cardiopulmonary Physiology, 1973-1974
Education: Bachelor of Science (BS), Shippensburg University, 1958-1952; Master of Science (MS), University of Maryland, 1962-1965; Doctor of Education (DEd), the Pennsylvania State University, 1969-1973
Doctoral Dissertation: Heat Tolerance in Exercising Lean and Obese Middle-Aged Men
Master's Thesis: Pancreatic Secretion in the Bovine Calf
Languages: English (first), Spanish (basic)


M. I. Poling, BA

Location/Appointment: Secretary of FSRG; Graduate Research Assistant,
Department of Applied Physiology, FSRG deGruyter-McKusick Institute of Health Sciences, FSRG; Buckhannon, WV, USA
Clinical interests: Freeman-Sheldon spectrum nosology, stress physiology in muscles and cardiopulmonary system, and PTSD in chronic illness
College: Bachelor of Arts (BA), West Virginia Wesleyan College2004-2008 [Major: History, specialisation in modern Western medical history (primary) and early history of the Church of England (secondary); Minor: Psychology]
Undergraduate Thesis: Be Not Their Death in Vein: A Treatise for the use of German Clinical and Basic Science Research (1933-1945)
Senior Psychology Research: Risk Stratification of Bipolar Spectrum Disorder in Rural Adolescents: a Cross-Sectional Randomised Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) Study

Andrés Morales, MBBS
Location/Appointment: Medical Genetics Fellow; Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Applied Physiology, FSRG deGruyter-McKusick Institute of Health SciencesGuatemala City, Guatemala
Clinical interests: clinical outcomes, care delivery, and quality of life in Freeman-Sheldon spectrum; paediatric clinical genetics
Medical School: Faculty of Clinical Medicine, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, 2006-2012
Graduation Thesis: Nutritional Situation and Alimentary Insecurity Risks of Children in Rural and Urban Areas of the Republic of Guatemala: Observational Study of Children Ages 7 to 12 Years in the Departments of Alta Verapaz, Baja Verapaz, Chimaltenango, Guatemala, Jalapa, Jutiapa, Santa Rosa, and Sololá. (March 2012) Study coordinated with the University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain.
Languages: Spanish (first), English (High Level), German (A1), Japanese (Basic)

Hello, I'm Andrés Morales, MBBS, from Guatemala, recent member of FSRG (April 2013). Since a few months ago, I have been developing the proper setting for the attention of patients with FSS, SHS, DA1 and DA3, at the Medical Genetics Clinic of the Public Hospitals: San Juan de Dios and Roosevelt in Guatemala City. 

I'm glad to be a member of FSRG and thankful to have the opportunity of improving the health care of people affected by the diseases mentioned before. 

If you have any concerns related to FSS, please do not hesitate to contact us.