FSRG Secretary Announces Resumption of Limited-Operations

posted 3 Dec 2011, 03:59 by MI Poling   [ updated 3 Dec 2011, 04:04 ]
FSRG Secretary, MI Poling, announced Friday that there had been some 'very serious' health problems affecting the families of FSRG faculty, staff, and students, but Poling urged that FSRG would honour its obligation to help individuals, families, and others affected by FSS and related entities. Poling said, in a statement released late Friday night on Facebook, 'I want to deeply apologise to everyone for our gross inactivity. While these very serious health issues are continuing, we understand we have a responsibility to help the people affected by FSS, and we are working on a limited-operations contingency plan to allow us to begin helping you more effectively.' Poling said a statement giving more information about what to expect from this latest move would be released in the coming days but said these limited operations would resume before the New Year. FSRG staff remain hopefully optimistic that this will pave the way toward resuming full operations by spring or summer at the latest, but no official word has been given about a time-table for resuming full operations.