Discussion Forum 'Lost' Due to Server, Account Failure

posted 18 Jun 2011, 21:20 by MI Poling
Early Saturday, 18 June 2011, FSRG techs noticed an 'account suspended' screen and a failure to redirect from fspsg.org to fsrgroup.org. The account was unable to be accessed from the server provider's web billing interface. After this was observed and after many unsuccessful attempts to gain access, a decision was made to scrap the account. FSRG techs moved to the name-servers of the company from whom the domain had been purchased and are now in the process of redirecting fspsg.org to fsrgroup.org. 

FSRG will re-launch the Discussion Forum. FSRG Secy., Mikaela Poling said, 'We knew there were problems with the host, but we were not aware of any impending concern. We had planned to move to in-house servers of Sabak Computer Services, who is donating technical services and support, for the Discussion Forum by the end of the year, but obviously, that date got moved up with this major data loss.' Poling continued, 'We are very sorry for any problems this may or will have caused to families, and we want them to know we are working diligently to fix this. We will build up a better, stronger, more stable, and secure system.' Poling did not give a re-launch date, but said key personnel would be out for the coming week and efforts would resume upon their return.