Changes Coming to FSRG

posted 23 Apr 2017, 19:11 by MI Poling
During our years of difficulty, a large backlog developed associated with our 'Contact Us' form. Part of the difficulty was that we were unsure of how we would be able to help, due to sad and difficult personnel issues. For those who suffered because of this delay, I am truly sorry. As with all problems associated with FSRG, I take full responsibility, am making changes, and hope to earn your trust.

Starting today, I have begun to respond to all appropriate (non-solicitation) form submissions. The backlog extends to 2012, and each requires and will receive thoughtful replies to the matters they disclosed when they submitted the form. So, as you may imagine, this will take some time, but I will be working on it daily until complete.

Additionally, if you have visited our website since yesterday, you will notice some changes. More updates will follow in the coming weeks and months. Please post any recommendations for changes here.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your trust.