Benefit Luncheon Set for December

posted 9 Oct 2012, 21:11 by MI Poling
The Outreach Committee of First United Methodist Church (Buckhannon, WV, USA) decided at a recent meeting to devote the proceeds from the Micah Meal and loose change collections in December to the Freeman-Sheldon Research Group, Inc., a Judeo-Christian medical research, education, and patient support group. This organization is spearheaded by three members of the Church's congregation, Dr. Rodger McCormick, President; Dr. Robert Chamberlain, Vice-President; and Mikaela Poling, Secretary. Also working with this group is Dr. Gerald P. Perman, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at George Washington University. Others at Johns Hopkins University and elsewhere have indicated an interest in the research the group is undertaking.

The main purpose of the organization is to study and help individuals, families and others impacted by two rare genetic conditions affecting muscles called Freeman-Sheldon and Sheldon-Hall syndromes. These disorders limit the muscles’ ability to move well in joints of two or more body areas such as the hands, feet, and face—often giving a mask-like and whistling appearance. Impaired swallowing, vision, and hearing are also common effects of this condition. Poling indicates that this group is the only organization in the world dedicated to these conditions. FSRG also supports community health and peer education for related concerns such as cancer, heart disease, and tobacco prevention through it's Education Department's RAZE Crew, which meets at Buckhannon-Upshur High School.

The Freeman-Sheldon Research Group has received 501(c)(3) tax exemption status from the IRS. We hope that you will plan to give generously to this worthy cause.