After Many Delays, Studies Set to Begin Official Enrolment

posted 13 Jun 2012, 13:35 by MI Poling
BUCKHANNON, W.Va.---FSRG Secretary and Research Department Director MI Poling said Wednesday that she expected enrolment to begin momentarily in the organisation's first three studies. 'We're very excited to have gotten to this point... finally,' she said. FSRG has been plagued by a lack of funds, personnel health concerns, and related logistical problems, but it has overcome those in recent months to be ready to begin the studies and able to begin seeing patients onsite by the fall. 'We have made almost all purchases initially required, but we won't be able to do certain parts of one study until at least early fall,' Poling said and continued, 'but we are able to handle all other aspects immediately.' It's very gratifying that people have stood by us and believed in us through the time leading to this point, and I want to thank them all and express my heartfelt apology for the serious delays that have occurred at all levels within FSRG. It's been very difficult. Please understand, FSRG does not take our responsibility lightly.'