Health Assessments and Community Physiology Outreach: Thank-You Gifts for Your Donation

Last Modified: 23 Dec 2013

Using FSRG's established resources and existing infrastructure developed for clinical research, selected clinical services and within the scope of practice of a doctoral-level general physiologist, with sub-speciality training in cardiopulmonary physiology, some of FSRG's services are expanded to non-research eligible persons in the local area who do not have FSS and have made donations to the Group. 

Access to physiologists with sub-speciality training is very limited in the North Central West Virginia geographical region, and there is an abundant need for comprehensive physiological evaluation and care, especially in cardiopulmonary. Furthermore, such clinical services may be cost-prohibitive or cost-limiting to many patients. With this service expansion, cost is kept low by using existing infrastructure and working within the Group's established By-laws and Constitution. In so doing, patients will receive services as a thank-you gift for making a donation at a given donation level. 

This service expansion builds on existing charity programme to help local people with a complex or serious medical problem and who have exhausted other local medical resources, within reason, to either arrive at a diagnosis or treatment, but who do not have Freeman-Sheldon or a related condition. 

As with all aspects of FSRG's philosophy of care, the service expansion programme focuses on detailed and prudent physiological evaluation and optimising of functioning to improve total wellness and health. Physiology classically evaluates how the organism is functioning, not looking only for defined aberrations, and this is the prevailing philosophy of FSRG. 

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